Life buck et

Noun informal

a new kind of bucket list symbolic of no longer waiting until the end of one's life to make a list of experiences or achievements that a person hopes to accomplish in their lifetime.
"Travelling the world is on my lifebucket"

Our Purpose

"We created MyLifebucket to help us realize that time is valuable... that the relationships in our lives are valuable. With this website you can not only work on completing your goals, but you can do them with the ones you care for."

"It is our sole purpose to help our users to achieve their life's ambitions by giving them the tools they need to follow their dreams..."

Create your lifebucket list and...

Track your progress

Keep your goals on point by setting milestones and achieve them step by step.

Stay on target

Push yourself by making target completion dates and get reminders when your goals are coming due!

Link goals with friends

Share updates, milestones, and completions in the ultimate way to do goals together.

Get help from your friends

Help those you care about to complete their goals by contributing... and get credit for it!


Keep your goals manageable by listing them under categories like relationships, self, and career.


What goal should you work on next? Mark goals as high, medium, or low priority.

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